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Tickets Through Time

Enjoy local history at three amazing historic sites!

Experience the daily life of a colonial farm. Follow in the footsteps of Major General Anthony Wayne. Discover a 19th century Chester County community.

Ticket includes admission to:

Colonial Pennsylvania Farmstead

Historic Sugartown

Historic Waynesborough


Saturday, June 1st - Sunday, September 1st

Fourth of July Celebration

Special Event

Celebrate the nation's birthday at the farm! Join the debate between Patriots, Loyalists, and Quakers as they all confront independence and help decide the true loyalty of the farm. Meet Martha Washington, make a demonstration against the king, hear a reading of the Declaration of Independence, and show your loyalty by signing the Declaration. Ongoing activities at the farm include hearth cooking, quill writing, garden, textiles, meet the animals, and more!

11 AM - 4 PM Meet Martha Washington, portrayed by Alisa Dupuy

11 AM- 12 PM Pratt Run Tea Party

12 PM Burning an Effigy of King George

12:15 PM Conversation between Neighbors and Reading of Declaration of Independence

12:30 PM Signing of the Declaration of Independence

The farm is open from 11 AM to 4 PM with last admission at 3 PM. $12 for Adults, $8 Children/Seniors (65+), and $5 Members. Visitors are welcome to bring a lawn/folding chair and water bottles. 

Thursday, July 4th
11:00 AM - 4:00 PM

French and Indian Day with Chester County Militia

Special Event

From 1754 to 1763 the French and Indian War played out across Colonial America as the French and British fought for control of the frontier. This conflict determined not only the future of the Pennsylvania frontier but also events that put the loyal colonials on a path to revolution! Visit the French and Chester County militia campsites to learn from the soldiers about their uniforms, weapons, and strategy for fighting in the American wilderness.

Last admission to the farm at 3 PM. $12 for Adults, $8 for Children/Seniors (65+), $5 for Members.

Saturday, October 12th

Colonial Pennsylvania Farmstead

PO Box 158
Gradyville, PA, 19039, US

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